Interview with 2-Hye

2-Hye is an Armenian musical artist based out of Pasadena, CA. He is also one of our featured artists. We recently interviewed 2-Hye to learn more about his life and his musical inspiration.

What message do you want people to get out of your music?

To stay strong, wise, humble, family-oriented, God believing, and faithful individuals. The message of my music is to remain a student in life or else you will mentally die. Having that in mind will allow us to soak up all the knowledge of the universe, which is the “bossest” way to approach this world. I’d like to pass that on lyrically, musically, and soulfully.

Did you grow up in Pasadena? What does it mean from you to be in LA?

I did. I’m born and raised in these parts. It means a lot to be from LA, especially as a first generation Armenian American. This upbringing has definitely seasoned me with that West Coast ideology, Cali flavor, and urban lifestyle. LA in particular is the biggest Armenian diaspora so that is a big part of the influence to my character.

What does it mean to you to be Armenian?

Ancient, Godly, soulful, brave hearted, life-loving, death-accepting, and rooted in way that bridges the East to the West. The Hye life should be an example to the lowlife. For those who don’t know, my name 2-Hye ultimately means the second coming of an Armenian Empire, right here in LA, where we are known very well by the greater local community.

You recently released The Conference of the Council (which we’ve been listening to all day btw). What was your vision for the album, and what response have you received from your fans?

Thank God first of all, because I feel as though the creator has blessed me with the mind power to develop a project that everyone, along with myself, has been blown away by, in the best way possible. All the feedback has been great and I feel like it’s doing exactly what my vision for this album was supposed to do, spread the word. My vision was to bring the audience to a meeting of great minds, with the agenda of making all of you a step closer to being boss-minded contributors to the world. That being said and done, I also wanted to demonstrate my diversity with sounds and styles I’ve evolved into because this album also represents progress in its finest form.

Can we expect a concert or live event happening from you anytime soon?

I’m sure there will be but I can’t give anything specific just now because so many musical and non-musical activities are currently occupying my time. Stay tuned though because there is a lot more in store.

What brought you into hip-hop? What do you like about it?

Freedom of speech, real-life representation, attention-catching beats, a great way to spread messages to our generation, and a way I’ve noticed to make an impact stronger than fists and bullets, even though I completely understand the use of such things…

Who were your favorite artists growing up?

There’s a long list but I’ll name a few. Scarface, 2pac, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, Ice Cube, Method Man, DMX, Tech N9ne, Biggie, Harut Pambukchyan, Ronios, and Too Short.

hyeTunes is bringing an Armenian music community together through one platform and experiences. What do you like about hyeTunes and what do you think it means for the Armenian music community as a whole?

I like it all bro. My boy Mos Keys was running the only Armenian hip-hop site years ago, and since it’s been taken down, I haven’t seen anything like it since. I believe hyetunes is a great way to bring that effort back and it’ll build an official domain to the entire Armenian music community. It should be used as a tool to show the world all the talent that comes from an almost forgotten community. Thank you!

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